God Blesses My Messes

God blesses

Today I end one chapter of my life and get ready to start a new one. This is my last day with my current employer. Next week I will start a new chapter.  Although I am ready for a change, this one is quite bittersweet in that I will be leaving great friends and an industry I have worked in for 16 years.

These types of changes always cause me to stop and reflect a little on things. Looking back over the years, I see how God has constantly provided for my family. As a man, that is a realization that I had to come to several years ago. God provides for me and my family. It's not me. He chooses to use me to do so. While we have had our share of struggles, He has always provided what we needed when we needed it.

Looking back too, I also realize what a mess I have tried to make of things. That makes me so much more thankful for God's grace. All this thinking led to the statement you see above:

"I'm amazed how God blesses…..despite all my messes."


3 thoughts on “God Blesses My Messes”

  1. No, you haven't missed missed anything. I haven't said anything until now b/c I was working to make the transition as smooth as possible. Yesterday was my last day with my old employer. This coming week, I will be starting work for Atlas Copco – a manufacturer of air compressors. They are based in Sweden, but their North American headquarters are here in Rock Hill. I will be the Inside Sales Manager (really more of a Support manager) over the group that provides support to the North American distributor network.

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